Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

Tips to Play Soccer

Football is an interesting game that is played among the many popular games Outdoor International. It attracts a wide audience worldwide. The game consists of two teams of 11 players from each side and both are completely collapsed or inflated inflated leather ball into the goal net from the opponent. The game is usually in an area that has been a dimension of 120 x 75 meters.

Notice under the aegis of how to play the best football.

In football, each team must improve its score goals, because the main objective. With the exception of the goalkeeper, not a single player can touch the ball in hand. For players, they dribble by kicking leg or other body parts is permitted.
The game length varies depending on the professional level, college or school, according to the level you play. As for professionals, the game lasts 90 minutes with the division into two halves. The referee has the right, in case of failure, what you get when eventually provide 15 minutes remaining for the game to end.

Each team has won won the lottery launched by the line of scrimmage line center of the field. Real started playing football when the team won the toss, the ball moves, each member. Here, you're going to the ball in the opposing team rush for a goal.

Note that the players of the soccer ball in different places right-back, left wing back, left back, stop, back center, roll free, front right and left.

made after a foul by the defensive players get the player a penalty offense. It is near the surface of the screen.

Finally, the team that maximizes the gains on the objectives. If there is a tie, could extend the football game to overtime.

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