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Sprinting For Soccer Speed

The reason I came into learning for the first rate soccer players was due to my own experience as a young footballer. At age 15, I was extremely quick and explosive, and if I am not LCD, it would probably led to the youth national team injured. But in the camp, where they announce the first team national team, I mean ACL 2 Days demolished. So, my rehabilitation period after this long and it took me almost 12 months to return to the field.

I had that much strength training and has performed a few hours later in the gym each week to move on the ground. When I returned, I was stronger than I was before, but what my speed?

He had disappeared.

This quality alone makes me an average player, and it is extremely difficult to go through this time, but I learned a lot. Anyway, I was determined my speed back, I asked all my trainers, as you improve the speed of football. What she said was basically all use the agility ladder, and believe me, I do.

The problem is that nothing happened with my speed. Of course, my feet move a little faster, but I did not quickly to 10-30 feet, nothing happens.

Only three years later, I started, all together. I played football for a club Div.3 here in Sweden, and beside him, I was playing a different sport called floorball (none of you ever heard of). Floorball is a sport, hockey related, but you play with a ball inside instead of a puck, sticks to the skin with soft, casual shoes and inside.

This is basically a lot of Floorball sprints in different directions. You are on the ground for 1-2 minutes to go all out and then you change lines (as in ice hockey).

So, what I noticed on the football field that I was faster at 10-30 meters, and at first I was shocked. How could it be?

But now I know that Sprint has probably been the main reason. During my time of rehabilitation, I had a lot of training and High Representative distance running to improve my stamina and fitness.

Big mistake!

This type of training you do slower, and that's what happened to me. So when I started to change my training to a large number of sprint, shorter and more intense type of conditioning work (intervals), I also noticed that my speed has been improved. And since then I have read all the time about the importance of Sprint football speed. The thing is, I know I am not alone when it will give you the advice I have been in contact with the agility ladder, for example.

People want to do fancy stuff that looks good, but the truth is, you need no equipment at all Increase your soccer speed. Just put your football boots, hit the football field, make a great warm up (as the card system), then run sprints.

Start with shorter distance for the first few weeks. So I would do:

- Week 1-3: 6 x 10m sprints (at least 60 seconds of rest between each sprint)
- Week 4-6: 6 x 15m sprints (at least 90 seconds of rest between each sprint).

To do this 2-3 times per week, spread over the week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday from Tuesday to Thursday to Saturday, etc..) Always remember to sprint at the start of training, directly after the warmup.

If you are a sprint 10 meters, besides, you can work together to 8-10, if you want but remember to rest enough in between sprints. If you feel that you reduce your speed and you get very tired, it's for the day.

We forget not always quality over quantity, that! If you travel longer distances (20-30 m), the total number of sets of Sprint would be less than if you were with sprints of 10 meters.

As a starting point, switch between the following:

- Athletic (feet side by side is, do not worry your first step, just around them),
- In the belly or Pushup Home

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