Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

The Culture of Soccer

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world has played. The game has its own rich culture of the whole civilized history. The culture of this sport, not only noise and articles, but also many economic, political and sociological involved in this game for decades.

The word "football known" by most people and the sport is very popular than any other sport around the world. People also know that sport called football. In addition, fans of this game are separated into tournaments. The derbies were meetings between the two rivals, the great support received from their fans won. In such cases, these social and political struggles are similar to most sports.

Articles and news about this game in general, more attention to the rivalry between the clubs and try to determine more, the potential gain. The differences in the football clubs involved, the economics and socio-political, which come from a long tradition. In general, the basis of the rivalry include the historical, political and land.

This sport has its own business big hats, scarves and flags. All these things they have expressed in various signs and symbols, the team for their support of a particular team. Different attributes of sport, as the balls are considered by the teams as valuable autographed memorabilia. These memories are an important part of football culture. Many people know the importance of this match today.

Football grown in popularity so that now the major leagues in different countries around the world are located. In addition, most nations are to promote culture by leading teams and clubs around the world. In fact won the first World Cup of celebrity massive worldwide.

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