Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

Soccer Speed - The Missing Link

As a football player became bigger and stronger, they are also faster on the ground. Many players focus on strength training to increase their strength to be faster. Some trainers also focus on running techniques to fast players as well.

Well, these are important components of speed, but when a player is not to stop, change direction and speed, on demand, the current speed of incomplete training.

Number one, what is forgotten in the formation rate is slowing. If you have a minute of the action which the majority of injuries to the knee and ankle after thinking you will find it is to stop any form and change direction.

Each trainer can develop speed. It is easy to do. But if you want to accelerate to the next level, continuing the slowdown is a must! Otherwise, the knee and the possibility of ankle injuries is to minimize losses. Not only that, but the address will remain the same.

If you have a good view of the best players in international soccer, if you notice them and with the ball.

It is a skill once mastered significantly improve the level of football.

To develop strength to the delay, the players need to put some single leg exercises like squats accent one leg, hopping on one leg and one leg hops.

The rise is even (in place), dynamic (changing places)

Additionally, there are some exercises that can be made in a gymnasium on the grass or on grass. These would head drills and drill cutting.

If a player is the quadriceps, glutes and calves to extend the time under load.
If the player has no power to slow down, they are either a muscle tear or sprain of a ligament.

It must be built for this reason, the leg strength exercises and simple cut by hand to do.

short cut can be done with and with the ball.

This kind of football exercises in your practice can be brought alive and ready to work in a dynamic warm muscles.

strength building exercises and type cutting must be done on a consistent basis for the results of short and long term.

Accordingly, a speed program for football should be both simple leg strengthening exercises and all types of cutting drills as players switch to stop the causes, course and speed.

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