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A Brief History of the Soccer Ball

In the middle of the game's development has seen many developments in football. years before Zidane and Maradona are We, the people enjoy things, ranging from elastic spheres of South American Indians, heads of human skulls or in medieval times, or cow bladders fabric sewn-up, later occur.

Before the manufacture of rubber, "so-called" balls would sometimes depend on the size and shape of objects, what the 'role' ball so unpredictable, and better quality leather provided resistance.
According to ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans gave all the marbles of experience design, smooth and soft balls that we honor today have been somewhat standardized during the 19th Century with the introduction of rubber and patented in 1855 Charles Goodyear football. The famous ball was like a modern basketball and his love were designed to be used effectively by James Naismith, when the development of his playing basketball.

balloons were then established by the founding of FIFA. The Organization agreed that the ball must be applied with a circumference of 27-28 cm - in general still spherical. The first balls were, however painful riding position due to the high fashion and excellent water absorption properties of leather. This has been a problem until well into the twentieth century.

Fortunately today, advances in the manufacture of ball bearings should be minimized, if not eradicated pain caused by the heavy balls. With synthetic paints to coat the water has been improved in leather and lace have been eliminated exceptional ball control and guarantees incredible talent.

The construction of our know-how on the advantages and disadvantages of soccer balls throughout history, we, as proud Soccer Uniforms Soccer optimal production than air, waterproof quick and safe during the flight to up. Our uniforms, soccer jerseys, football equipment and football equipment are also high. To take advantage of years of development and football to contact us today!

Soccer and Our Love For the Game All Over the World!

Imagine a game that does not need the $ 100 console does not require network or Hoop, does not require a particular type of ground, but just do something in the shape of a sphere. This is exactly the fantasy football offering the most popular sport in the world. Which country you go, if she hit a developed country like America or the nation of poverty such as Zimbabwe, you can always find people to play football.

Soccer does not need nothing fancy, just a ball and anything can and then goals for anyone, regardless of skill level to participate and have fun. Even if they do not play football is just fantastic, they show their players their best, but mostly have fun. You see the fans in the stadium singing with all their heart, player, do not until the final whistle, this is not the most beautiful game of football?

Another reason is that the modern world, the media and those that fame and wealth will also be added. Soccer generates great revenue for the media with popular figures such as David Beckham. And these days, players can earn $ 20,000 a week easy playing in a higher league. In addition, there is a great, simple and fun rest and movement, youth and elderly alike can participate. You can go to another country with another language, but always understand each other while playing football!

Not only those in virtually every country in the world can the football great to participate, whether continent or even the great World Cup competition. And maybe anyone in the world push their nation forward in the hope of winning. It is not so long that I went briefly through Africa, and play an array of two little boys football was placed before me. They were with long branches and sticks as targets and a ball of some kind of leather and it was in the middle of nowhere. Add it felt to me like a few hours of an honor, I could not speak to them directly in their mother tongue, but they were clear and around the world, someone somewhere writing a blog football!

International Football (Soccer) Academy Tips - Achieving Your Soccer Fitness Goals

If you have an elite football player (train) Academy, or train your own football coaching to advance at home, it may be difficult to stay the course. But if you have one goal in mind and concrete measures to achieve this goal, you're miles ahead of other people only dream.

This type of preparation that makes the difference in the world. Our International Football Academy coach can always tell the difference between the players in anticipation of work, and those who simply come to our football academies. For you seen the difference between margin and actually achieve your objectives will be football.

International Training Academy football and packaging

The first step is to set goals and objectives you want to achieve in football. You can on a monthly basis to do. For example, if you arrive at your football academy in September, set to choose a six-month program where you want to be in terms of fitness.

The idea is to set realistic goals and measurable. Set your goals on an assessment of yourself, not your colleagues. You know where you are now, and you know you want to be in the best shape when you arrive at an international soccer academy in our current training to begin.

Find this improve every week, every month. Month may be a number of components of fitness: push-ups, sprint 50 yards, 400 yards at half speed, etc. Note that in football, you must be in top form. You will need to perform a lot of strength in both upper and lower body, and endurance of 90 minutes with little rest in order to succeed at the highest level.

It would be better places than you know you can meet in order to improve bit by bit. And you're more likely to stay on track. You can count the number of repetitions you do, and an increase of 15 per cent by the end of the month. Is realistic. Increase of 75 percent? This is probably not realistic.

International Language Academy football and culture

For academies international football you need to connect the program to reflect the linguistic component as well. If you go to another country with another language, you must work on a basic understanding of the language.

Travel to another country football, language and culture will make for a rounded experience and increase your professional skills. Being bilingual is a clear advantage in any business.

Objectives for both academic (grammar) and football. If you're still high school graduates and you are in an environment where you spent more time speaking the language goes, your goal is to get one day of basic communication skills. accustomed to the language as much as possible, studying, listening and speaking in advance.

And, above all, commitment, respect and effort while studying abroad. Sometimes, these efforts make a difference in the insertion of a pass or not!

Determination and perseverance

The Nike slogan "Just do it", here Nice. individual practice daily discipline is the most obvious key to success. That's what you do when nobody else is there. Sticking to your plan is the most important part of readiness.

If you have a training program in place for yourself, it is easy to slide if you do not feel like training. It is easy to say things like "I'm too tired, I go I jump, I think two hours allotted for language or science." Or you can be distracted by friends or go to the movies instead of training.

That's where 95 percent of people fail, they are not set up with the plan, they stick to. A difference between professionals and those who do not: To stick with the program. make that athletes with True Grit and determination at the highest level.

Ask yourself a special athletes (and students) by setting extreme commitment and determination. You can do it, if you mentally disciplined enough to bind completely!

It is easier to achieve the training objectives, or goals if you are in a program of international soccer academy. The players have less difficulty with the formation of football collage, because someone else (the football coach or manager) is to establish a training program for you. Everyone around you is an urgent need to launch. You have teammates to do the same thing.

Attend an International Soccer Academy is much more demanding than any program of scientific and cultural exchange with foreign countries. You are responsible for being ready mentally and physically, to participate as an actor in the development Soccer Academy. They are every day in training over a period of nine months.

Put it in your head that the work day begins, you agree to subscribe to receive the maximum benefits. This means that you should get ready and get prepared to the best of your experience international football academy.

Soccer Field Dimensions

Back in the days when football is in its infancy, soccer field layout was rather irregular in its dimensions and this created several problems for the players. One player from, say, York will play in a field that was 60 feet long to play, while the boys from Liverpool who was 140 meters would be. Obviously, if both teams played on competitors in the field, they were powerless.

Therefore, over time a soccer field, or weight were controlled, first by the Football Association, the first soccer organization in history, by the British in the late 19th century created , then by FIFA.

Today, the size of soccer fields still offer some room for variation, because all locations can be made on the same exact level. Thus, the field width of 50-100 meters range can officially, but it is rarely the case with modern football, they hit these extremes. The length of 100-130 meters range, but you can not have a division that is 100 feet wide and 100 meters long, appears.

The field is in two by a median line, which has a symmetrical spacer on each of the widths and there is a central circle in the middle of this line, the division was still 10 feet in diameter. This circle ensures that opposing players are kept at a safe distance when the top team in the property.

The goal is 24 feet wide and 8 feet high and it may be exactly in the center of the field width. The goal is surrounded by two boxes. The first, called the area of protection or the goalkeeper box is 6 meters wide and long term in this field, the operator said to be protected: any contact with the goalkeeper in this area for a misconduct by the defense team occur.

The larger box, also called the penalty area or the penalty is 18 meters wide and 44 long and in this area, all of the guilt of his team defending a penalty shot 12 yards from goal, but with the attacker and the goalkeeper on. It is normally a safe destination, so that you may not be so aggressive around the penalty area.

Take a look at a few of the other dimensions football field that can not usually that important, but also to regulate the game a little further. The corner circle is set around the corner flag and one meter in diameter. In fact, if a player takes a corner, he can ball anywhere within this circle instead so he can more easily the ball and give it a whirl. Otherwise, it is very difficult to keep the ball inside the soccer field weight if you are at the corner of the abolition of the law, but with the left leg, or vice versa.

The circle is the penalty area the size of a football field, which usually used for orientation by the referee. It is around the penalty spot, 10 meters around him and the only purpose is to allow the arbitrator to determine the distance to the wall on a free kick near the box. For example, when the team gets a free kick just outside the edge of the penalty, the referee will automatically know that the team that defends the wall near the penalty spot, to be placed at 10 meters, correct distance from the wall to stay in.

The football field dimensions are standardized for all locations modern, but the game will play differently on several major areas. For example, on a very broad wing play is bound to be more effective, because your wingers a lot more room to maneuver in the short field advantage players with great speed and technique, a one-to-one can solve duel in the Middle nearby.

Soccer Free Kick

A direct free kick is a method of restarting play after a foul in football. Unlike an indirect free kick, a goal may be scored directly against the opposing party, without touching the ball with a first player other.

There are two types of free kick in football, one direct and indirect. There is also a special type called penalty, but we will not discuss in this article.

However, the most common is a direct free kick, which is an excellent opportunity for the guests, especially if you can take a good technique. You do not shoot the toughest of your team a good taker free kick is good, but you must fight to focus on the target. A blow is much more difficult to control and often at the end is 50 meters behind the goal.

The Opposite of direct free kick is indirect free kick. Before the ball is your opponent's net masks some of your fellow players must first reach the target would otherwise not be approved. So how do you know if a shot to do indirectly? "Well, the arbitrator will generally increase your arm above your head and leave it until you see the ball

In the implementation of an indirect free kick, you should have a teammate tap the ball so that may be another player who will stand behind the ball, a kick or to give back to you. Remember that the ball must be touched by a player other than the goal would not be taken into account. This is very important because many players tend to forget this rule.

Who Invented Soccer? The Far-Reaching Roots of Soccer

"Who invented football?" This is the famous question that people most requested on the sport famous. As we all know, football is generally supposed to be one of the most popular games in the world. Many people ask who invented football and how the game originated.

Many cultures and nationalities claim the game as their own invention, but there is little concrete information on the right decision.

The people of ancient China were so unsure about the game of football or soccer recognize as their own invention, even if the story back to the beginning of this football game is familiar to a game called cuju China. The ancient Greeks and Romans also had a game similar to soccer or football, and people in Medieval Europe. In the old game of football as, pork bladders were committed in the balloon is inflated leather and animal skins and was lined with old rags and straw as a spherical shape that can be manipulated to see around their feet .

The roots of the modern game we know today dates back to England in the mid-1860s. He was popular because schools compete with each other began. However, in those days, there are problems due to the lack of general rules to follow.

He then, in 1963, the Football Association (FA) to a set of rules that each team could have fair play has been formed.

Today, there are many football teams around the world with many famous footballers who have a long tradition in the history of football shape.

Soccer Coaching - Offensive Strategies

In football coach to teach the offensive strategies is as important as training on defensive strategies.
# Positioning System effective

One of the best positioning systems and the most efficient system is four to four to two. You must train your team, taking into account the following.

o For the defense: the greatest actors

o For Midfielders: Players, the impressive capacity of the intersection

No Upfront: The fastest player on your team

However, this is not a fixed rule, but such formations usually work and eventually won a match in a row. If education is not only your team, you can go ahead and get the following training, based on the size of the players.

o On the back: bigger players

O Environment: fastest player

No Upfront: the shortest player

When you put players with small heights in advance, it can be very useful if your team is looking for a penalty or free kick. Because they have found is that arbitrators are usually on the side of players with little heights.
# A door

If you ensure that your team is capable of wanting to score a goal, it is very important that they are in some way they know very well. Mutual agreement is very important in the field during a game.

Therefore, you should keep your training so that players could be a good opportunity to share lots of information to build interpersonal another. In fact, if in order to achieve a goal, it is about how the players have the ball to each other.

And if the players know about another player, they are more inclined to the ball before them. The effective dissemination of the ball, he saves the opposing team is the only way a team may score a goal.
Objections # education

When it comes to coaching U-6 and U-8 players, one of the most difficult tasks, they come to train, how to throw the ball effectively at a distance, taking his two feet on the ground. A good way to inform them of actual throw-ins going through, they have the ankle trying to throw a ball at a distance. In this way, they do not need to jump, so they can easily keep your feet on the ground while throwing the ball.

The Best Soccer Fitness Workout

Fitness is very important for football players, as he is known to be in a racing game for nearly 90 minutes without interruption in time, and only sporadically stop the action. In anticipation of football season ahead, it is better to play the beautiful game of football as a means of getting quickly because there is no substitute for the match. Even small-sided games for 15, 20 and 30 minutes will help, fitness and endurance.

As an independent training out of the game, it is preferable to opt for football players sprinting, distance running and interval training in a gym. With every practice, players must gradually increase and improve the rehearsal time.

Here are the best exercises for training fitness football:

300 is: On a soccer field, from the end line and sprint to the middle box at the top and back six times (50 meters x 6 = 300). secondary actors should try to run it in less than 70 seconds. After each 300, rest for two minutes and repeat.

Hills: Find a regular slope Hill (baby steps "Hill) Sprint up the hill and run down. Jogging is the recovery time, it can be done slowly. When players reach the ground, and should run the sprint up the hill. After five (5) Hill, then let stand for two minutes and not five (5) more.

Cones: These are sprints. Place cones about five (5) meters from each other by 25 meters. Players must be on the first cone spring, then again, then on the second membrane, and again, and so on. Five cones up and back is one repetition. Do ten (10) repetitions, and one (1) minute rest. Then ten (10) more.

Challenged again? We are only beginning ...

30-30: It is interval training. Players must start by jogging for a few minutes and then the fun begins. Next is to go jogging with 30 seconds 30 seconds sprint. Run a group of five (5) 30-30, then rest, then two (2) minutes, then five (5) more.

120: This is a full sprint down the length of a football field. secondary actors should try to do this in less than 20 seconds. line after reaching the opposite end, the players must run again, 60 seconds to relax. Thurs 7-10 of them.

Coaching Girls' Soccer

Want to build the soccer program for girls in winning the field and off? In Coaching Girls' Soccer successful, a leader of the nation coaching high school, Debra LaPrath, know-how to share all aspects of training - player development, leadership, conditioning, and teamwork more. By establishing a coaching philosophy, before making decisions during a game, is the approach that has made their program a power eternal.

The author clearly shows the importance of defining your coaching philosophy. He specifically your values and beliefs, individual and team goals, keeps you focused on what is best for girls, and stressed the loyalty of your own personality. In the center of its efforts to guide the development of the character of each player and team cohesion. Developing a coaching philosophy is just the beginning. Coaching Girls' Soccer Success covers many aspects, the role of the coach, including:

* Develop and hone skills
* Player to assess and define their roles
* Organize the practice of production
* Scouting and preparation for the Games
* Add variety of training
Leadership Development *
* Motivating the team
* Communication on and off the field

The coaching techniques presented in this book will help develop better players, athletes were more complete and confident young women. The book offers seasonal training plans, exercises for the development of fundamental importance for advanced skills, and tips to face the challenges off the field. Girls Soccer Coaching successfully a must-read "If you are looking for motivational tips, guidelines, research coaching and specific strategies for working with women's soccer players. Buy it, read it, and put knowledge to work!

Fun Facts About Soccer

Did you know ...

The favorite word does not mean much in football (soccer) announced today. Paraguay won the silver medal in football in the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece.

Did you know ...

In 1962, the World Cup in Chile was the first time instead. Brazil won a second without previous World Cup, beating Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) 17 June 1962 in Santiago.

Did you know ...

World Championship 2010 FIFA should take place in South Africa.

Did you know ...

Japan won the bronze medal in football at the Olympic Games in Mexico in 1968.

Did you know ...

Everald "Gally" to come is the best known and experienced players from Trinidad in the world. He played in the League North American Soccer in the 1970s.

Did you know ...

Kuwait is the first time qualified for the World Cup FIFA 1982nd

Did you know ...

In 1950, Brazil hosted the World Cup. Surprisingly, the hosts lost the final 2-1 to Uruguay.

Did you know ...

Jose Luis Chilavert is the best known and most experienced players of Paraguay in the 20th 27 century.He Born in July 1965, in Luque, Paraguay. As Oscar Schmidt (Brazilian basketball player) and Raul Ramirez (tennis player from Mexico), Jose Luis "Chila" Chilavert one of the best athletes in America America.He games for clubs in Argentina (San Lorenzo) and the Spain (Zaragoza).

Did you know ...

Uruguay won the first World Cup 1930th They beat Argentina 4-2 in the final in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

Did you know ...

West Germany (currently Germany) was the first winner of Europe at the FIFA World Cup (1954).

Did you know ...

Cameroon, a former French colony in Africa, won the gold medal in football, the 2000 Olympics in Australia. Cameroon beat Spain 5-3.

Did you know ...

Different from Peru, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan, Côte d'Ivoire, formerly Ivory Coast, is one of the poorest of the world `s pays.Toutefois, Côte d'Ivoire is the One of the best teams World.It third qualified for the FIFA World Cup in 2006.

Did you know ...

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, who has played better known as "Pele", four World Cup goals (Sweden-Chile from 1958 to 1962, England in 1966 and Mexico 1970) and received more than 1,200 in his career before finally retiring in 1977.

Did you know ...

In August 1983, the Uruguay national football team won its first gold medal ever at the Pan American Games in Venezuela.

Did you know ...

Nigeria defeated Argentina 3-2 and won the gold medal in football in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

Did you know ...

Angola qualified for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. It is one of the poorest countries in ten in the world. The education system is one of the worst in the Third World.

Did you know ...

In 1994, Brazil beat Bolivia 3-1 in the FIFA World Cup Games.

Did You Know ...

South Korea has won seven times at the World Championships: 1954, 1986.1990, 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2006.

Did you know ...

El Salvador won the gold medal at the 1954 Soccer America Central American and Caribbean Games in Mexico.

Did you know ...

Hungary has the gold medal in football MY won three Olympics: 1952, 1964 and 1968.

Did you know ...

There are players born in Brazil in the team of Mexico (Antonio Naelson), Japan (Alessandro Santos Alex), Spain (Senna Mario) and Tunisia (Francileudo dos Santos)

Ricardo Lavolps, former coach of Mexico, said: "I would be about 80 percent of strikers playing in the Mexican league say, are foreigners, and if one of them is a naturalized Mexican who I do not understand why can not I Catch it if the Constitution says he is from Mexico, is good enough for me. "

The Origin of Soccer

You can not specify exactly when and where were the football game, history has shown us a glimpse of a game similar to the version of today who has played more than 3000 years.

Around 3 or the second century BC, it was shown that the Chinese military plays occur during the Han Dynasty, a game with a ball in a small network.

A game similar to football was the power of ancient Greece and Rome, but their game play up to 27 players on one side of the game today, 11 players a side.

Football was one of the most popular sports of the masses because of its popularity as a war game. A game of football, which the British called it, was in the east of England during the 8th century, when the head of a vanquished Danish prince as the bullet used was played.

In the medieval villages and towns were pitted against each other in battles of game that could last all day. There were no structured rules and to keep awake, biting, gouging and punching the game turned into a virtual battle of survival. These games were so intense that the British authorities, many attempts have banned the game.

King Edward III of England in 1331 passed legislation for gaming and Queen Elizabeth I was a law that provided a first week to abolish imprisonment for taking each game.

Despite these efforts, the football was so popular in England during the next century it has developed the most popular sport at the time.

At that time, the only shortcoming of lack of sports rules or standards. In 1815, founded Eton College, a famous English school, a set of rules that are implemented by other schools, colleges and universities.

A standardized version of these rules have been later in the year 1848 in English by most colleges and universities, which were known as the Cambridge rules adopted.

Unfortunately, it was at that time, two different sets of rules is used. Some colleges favored rugby rules allowed the ball with his hands, and led trips on the shins. which were contrary to the rules of Cambridge.

In 1863, the Football Association of eleven English football clubs and schools created to establish a single set of rules applied where they are pitted against each other.

Supporters of the Rugby School rules split objection against the amendments and the two groups. The Football Association after the rules changed in 1869 when he banned the use of hands except the goalkeeper, who led the game of football we know today.

The English still called a game of football, because the ball was played mainly with his feet, but in the late 18th Century, the word "football", was first used by a student at the University of Oxford, named Charles Wreford Brown used. Students have been at Oxford for the use of colloquial language, which she added: "ER" at the end of words they had deliberately cut known. The game of rugby was "Rugger". Brown shorten the word "association" and added: "ER" and the term "football" was born.

Since the 19th century, the game has developed, where it is today. It is the gaming world, which is played by more people than any other sport, and is generally regarded as the most popular game in sports history recognized.