Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

Get to Know - Soccer Rules

As with any other game there are some important rules in football that players need to follow any time during the game. The rules are as follows.

First In this game you can play a total of two teams on the field with each team comprised of 11 players. Of these 10 players are generally the outfield. The Player's XI is the goalkeeper, who alone is allowed to touch the ball with any part of the body.

2nd This game usually lasts 90 minutes in two equal halves, each assigned to the half with 45 minutes duration divided. The referee reserves the right to terminate a little more time to finally add the game to offset any loss of time due to a malfunction.

A third important rule in football is that, with the exception of the goalkeeper, no player hits the ground has the ball with his hands. You can select another body part, but not specifically their forearms and hands. Players from both teams use up front to run the opposing goal with the ball.

While the fourth play football, every player dress code in the box to keep the fact in many things in this game. There is a special player kit or uniform to wear. The uniform field players on a team has a different color, which they easily identified from the player's field of another team. The goalkeeper must be a uniform color to all 10 other players in teams. In football matches, players must place a short, studded boots and shin pads covered by socks extended. The back of the shirt shows a unique number for the recognition of each player.

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