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Get to Know - Soccer Rules

As with any other game there are some important rules in football that players need to follow any time during the game. The rules are as follows.

First In this game you can play a total of two teams on the field with each team comprised of 11 players. Of these 10 players are generally the outfield. The Player's XI is the goalkeeper, who alone is allowed to touch the ball with any part of the body.

2nd This game usually lasts 90 minutes in two equal halves, each assigned to the half with 45 minutes duration divided. The referee reserves the right to terminate a little more time to finally add the game to offset any loss of time due to a malfunction.

A third important rule in football is that, with the exception of the goalkeeper, no player hits the ground has the ball with his hands. You can select another body part, but not specifically their forearms and hands. Players from both teams use up front to run the opposing goal with the ball.

While the fourth play football, every player dress code in the box to keep the fact in many things in this game. There is a special player kit or uniform to wear. The uniform field players on a team has a different color, which they easily identified from the player's field of another team. The goalkeeper must be a uniform color to all 10 other players in teams. In football matches, players must place a short, studded boots and shin pads covered by socks extended. The back of the shirt shows a unique number for the recognition of each player.

The Culture of Soccer

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world has played. The game has its own rich culture of the whole civilized history. The culture of this sport, not only noise and articles, but also many economic, political and sociological involved in this game for decades.

The word "football known" by most people and the sport is very popular than any other sport around the world. People also know that sport called football. In addition, fans of this game are separated into tournaments. The derbies were meetings between the two rivals, the great support received from their fans won. In such cases, these social and political struggles are similar to most sports.

Articles and news about this game in general, more attention to the rivalry between the clubs and try to determine more, the potential gain. The differences in the football clubs involved, the economics and socio-political, which come from a long tradition. In general, the basis of the rivalry include the historical, political and land.

This sport has its own business big hats, scarves and flags. All these things they have expressed in various signs and symbols, the team for their support of a particular team. Different attributes of sport, as the balls are considered by the teams as valuable autographed memorabilia. These memories are an important part of football culture. Many people know the importance of this match today.

Football grown in popularity so that now the major leagues in different countries around the world are located. In addition, most nations are to promote culture by leading teams and clubs around the world. In fact won the first World Cup of celebrity massive worldwide.

Soccer Speed - The Missing Link

As a football player became bigger and stronger, they are also faster on the ground. Many players focus on strength training to increase their strength to be faster. Some trainers also focus on running techniques to fast players as well.

Well, these are important components of speed, but when a player is not to stop, change direction and speed, on demand, the current speed of incomplete training.

Number one, what is forgotten in the formation rate is slowing. If you have a minute of the action which the majority of injuries to the knee and ankle after thinking you will find it is to stop any form and change direction.

Each trainer can develop speed. It is easy to do. But if you want to accelerate to the next level, continuing the slowdown is a must! Otherwise, the knee and the possibility of ankle injuries is to minimize losses. Not only that, but the address will remain the same.

If you have a good view of the best players in international soccer, if you notice them and with the ball.

It is a skill once mastered significantly improve the level of football.

To develop strength to the delay, the players need to put some single leg exercises like squats accent one leg, hopping on one leg and one leg hops.

The rise is even (in place), dynamic (changing places)

Additionally, there are some exercises that can be made in a gymnasium on the grass or on grass. These would head drills and drill cutting.

If a player is the quadriceps, glutes and calves to extend the time under load.
If the player has no power to slow down, they are either a muscle tear or sprain of a ligament.

It must be built for this reason, the leg strength exercises and simple cut by hand to do.

short cut can be done with and with the ball.

This kind of football exercises in your practice can be brought alive and ready to work in a dynamic warm muscles.

strength building exercises and type cutting must be done on a consistent basis for the results of short and long term.

Accordingly, a speed program for football should be both simple leg strengthening exercises and all types of cutting drills as players switch to stop the causes, course and speed.

The World Cup, Soccer, Poverty, West Africa, and the Massive Needs of One Competing Nation

Do you know where Côte d'Ivoire or Ivory Coast, is currently on the west coast of Africa? Take time to know if you are safe. I do not know where exactly, Uganda and Kenya have been until I went to talk and teach pastors and leaders of the seminars.

We are approaching the World Cup in South Africa and I have a real dilemma. Two months ago, I read of the appointment of the head coach of the football team Ivory Coast and has released details of his contract. Some have suggested that it is a sin!

How they do it and why should I ask?

Well, Côte d'Ivoire is now one of the poorest countries in this part of Africa, and the average wage is about two dollars per day. A little over ten years in Côte d'Ivoire was one of the richest countries in West Africa, but he quickly into poverty and turmoil. Poverty has kept its ugly head.

It is an understatement to say that we live in a strange alien world, but we do.

Ivory Coast, Abidjan, the capital, was once prosperous and progressive. Today, prostitutes a common sight on the streets, as readers of poverty for desperate measures.

HIV and AIDS has increased at an alarming rate.

This is a project in a faculty of theology train pastors and leaders to learn to help and minister to men and women living with HIV and AIDS, and it is hoped that this project may be about sixteen other nations to influence. Nobody go to somewhere a real vision for the needy in truth, and the offer and take this spiritual practice and initiative.

These people could easily get off and they must be equipped and motivated, with everything that is available.

A Christian leader who spoke so well to say that HIV and AIDS is not only a sinner "of the disease.

There is news that the government is interested in this project with special reference to mothers and children. With a little more resources which has the potential to exert massive influence for good throughout the nation and even the region.

If people come to faith real life in Jesus Christ and study the Word of God in Scripture creates a desire, a very practical way those who need serving the most.

In case of serious illness strikes his own self-esteem and motivation can quickly evaporate.

Children are particularly vulnerable because they on their bodies and their rights and their miracles to come. Poverty has devastating consequences.

A draft is held to teach people to read and see if some of the richness of the Bible they find life in many ways the evolution.

Many are against such a tough battle to fight injustice and conflict, how they want to work for peace, working with courage and love of the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ.

They want their nation and yet still peaceful and stable.

When I played football in Côte d'Ivoire in the World Cup in South Africa to see, I'll recall the circumstances of those players at home and the struggle they have in cities and villages face. Yes, it's a struggle, and there are those who are so attached to what they do not surrender or give up being.

Sandy Shaw

Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy, and serves on the Committee for Children in Scotland and has written extensively about these teaching years was traveling, speaking, America, Canada , South Africa, Australia, 12 visits Israel is carrying out visits and pilgrimages, and more recently in Uganda and Kenya, ministers and department heads of seminaries, in poor areas surrounding Kampala, Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa

Soccer Officials

Football is a game that is universally appealing to the masses. watch sports fans around the world to love this game and four staff to run professional football. Their dress is usually black or a bright color, which is designed for a collision with jerseys of both teams. Each employee has distinct but important in the game


Firstly, the arbitrator, which concerns only seen a whistle to signal the game, a full-time kick-off include, errors, and mid-term goals. The arbitrator may grant the whistle blow for a Free Kick, if it is a foul. It can even blow the award, if it occurs in the penalty area and thereby committing a penalty, the player they. The initial action plan of the arbitrator is strictly a verbal warning.

However, the referee shows a yellow card to player still noted his name in his book. Each player receives two yellow cards is typically done with his team, not an option, but sent to continue the game with one player less on the ground. In addition, the first referee red card will be used to punish severe penalties.

Second and third among football officials, two linesmen, each positioned on one half on the ground. They were seen patrolling the length margin between the target and the center line, each lineman on which a colored flag to indicate when football is the pitch to kick a player on the corner or the goalkeeper.

The fourth official football is generally placed along the touchline on the ground between two opposing benches. We see follow any interruption that occurs during the football game. Similarly, at the end of each semester, provides information on players, how long can be added. It does so by flashing a row on the shelf.

Sprinting For Soccer Speed

The reason I came into learning for the first rate soccer players was due to my own experience as a young footballer. At age 15, I was extremely quick and explosive, and if I am not LCD, it would probably led to the youth national team injured. But in the camp, where they announce the first team national team, I mean ACL 2 Days demolished. So, my rehabilitation period after this long and it took me almost 12 months to return to the field.

I had that much strength training and has performed a few hours later in the gym each week to move on the ground. When I returned, I was stronger than I was before, but what my speed?

He had disappeared.

This quality alone makes me an average player, and it is extremely difficult to go through this time, but I learned a lot. Anyway, I was determined my speed back, I asked all my trainers, as you improve the speed of football. What she said was basically all use the agility ladder, and believe me, I do.

The problem is that nothing happened with my speed. Of course, my feet move a little faster, but I did not quickly to 10-30 feet, nothing happens.

Only three years later, I started, all together. I played football for a club Div.3 here in Sweden, and beside him, I was playing a different sport called floorball (none of you ever heard of). Floorball is a sport, hockey related, but you play with a ball inside instead of a puck, sticks to the skin with soft, casual shoes and inside.

This is basically a lot of Floorball sprints in different directions. You are on the ground for 1-2 minutes to go all out and then you change lines (as in ice hockey).

So, what I noticed on the football field that I was faster at 10-30 meters, and at first I was shocked. How could it be?

But now I know that Sprint has probably been the main reason. During my time of rehabilitation, I had a lot of training and High Representative distance running to improve my stamina and fitness.

Big mistake!

This type of training you do slower, and that's what happened to me. So when I started to change my training to a large number of sprint, shorter and more intense type of conditioning work (intervals), I also noticed that my speed has been improved. And since then I have read all the time about the importance of Sprint football speed. The thing is, I know I am not alone when it will give you the advice I have been in contact with the agility ladder, for example.

People want to do fancy stuff that looks good, but the truth is, you need no equipment at all Increase your soccer speed. Just put your football boots, hit the football field, make a great warm up (as the card system), then run sprints.

Start with shorter distance for the first few weeks. So I would do:

- Week 1-3: 6 x 10m sprints (at least 60 seconds of rest between each sprint)
- Week 4-6: 6 x 15m sprints (at least 90 seconds of rest between each sprint).

To do this 2-3 times per week, spread over the week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday from Tuesday to Thursday to Saturday, etc..) Always remember to sprint at the start of training, directly after the warmup.

If you are a sprint 10 meters, besides, you can work together to 8-10, if you want but remember to rest enough in between sprints. If you feel that you reduce your speed and you get very tired, it's for the day.

We forget not always quality over quantity, that! If you travel longer distances (20-30 m), the total number of sets of Sprint would be less than if you were with sprints of 10 meters.

As a starting point, switch between the following:

- Athletic (feet side by side is, do not worry your first step, just around them),
- In the belly or Pushup Home

How to Control a Soccer Ball

The best way to control a football with the side of the foot. During a game, you can control the ball with any part of your body except the arms from the shoulder down.

The emotional way to control the ball with the side of the foot.

If a ball is kicked to you, your body has to be correct, and if you have time to turn your body slightly away from the ball on the near side of the ball. Do not turn your back, but always with an eye on the ball

With your body at a slight angle, lift the foot on the ground (where you control a ball will roll on the ground - you stand to walk around 2 or 3 inches, adjust the height of your foot to the height knee as the ball from the ground). Predictably, when the ball to you, then when the ball comes on foot, pull back a little to cushion the ball, thereby ensuring that the ball does not bounce away from you.

When you make contact with the ball of the foot, ensuring that your foot firmly enough so that the ball is easy for the body to ensure that you have a space wide enough to take a step, then the ball a second time operated . If the ball is in you or too far, it is difficult to conclude you play your passport. If on the other hand, you want to play a long pass, you can let the ball run slightly ahead of you to give more room to swing along your leg.

Of course, you can use the ball with many other parts of the body from head to control the chest and thighs. You can also control the ball effectively with stress and outside of the foot.