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Sports in Morocco - Athletics to Soccer!

Road to 2016 Olympic Games in London!

Pan Arab Games

Did you between August 8th and 16 August 1985 in Rabat, the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco hosted the Pan Arab Games VI. More than 3,400 athletes from 17 nations competed in North Africa. The local team took first place in the unofficial team championship.


Do you have the most popular sports are soccer, tennis, athletics, boxing, basketball and handball.

Summer Olympics - 1976 and 1980
Did you know the mid-1970s, a team of New Zealand Rugby South Africa, an international pariah 1960-1990 attended. For this reason, the Kingdom of Morocco has criticized the participation at the Olympics in Montreal with a team of New Zealand. In July 1976, the Kingdom of the games in Canada has boycotted. In 1980, in countries such as Egypt, Sudan and Somalia - also refused to participate in the Summer Games in Moscow. The boycott was a protest against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, an Arab country.


Hast du Football Team Men of Morocco won the African Nations Cup of 1976th Six years ago he took part in the tournament world, but the results were anything but glorious: The Men's Soccer Team place went to 14 in the FIFA World Cup in the United States of Mexico. In June 1986, however, the country was ranked 11th in the universal case against Italy, Uruguay and Scotland. This year, representing Morocco Africa. On the other hand, in the early 70s, the North African team finished in the men's event of the 13th Olympic Games from the Federal Republic of Germany, Brazil and the United States to seventh place.

Olympic Champs

Do you have in the international Olympic games, Morocco has had a major field Olympic Said Aouita (5000 Olympic champion in 1984), Brahim Boutaïba (Olympic champion in the 10,000 in 1988), Khalid Skah (gold medal Olympic 10,000 in 1992), Hicham El Guerrouj (2004 and 1500 Olympic champion 5000) and Nawal El Moutawakii (400m hurdles Olympic champion in 1984). For games of 1984 in California, Nawal made history when it the first Arab woman to win an Olympic gold medal. After his performance Nawal is an idol in North Africa. Currently she is a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).


Did you know, men's volleyball World Junior tournament was held in Morocco in 2007.

African Games

Did you know The Arab nation does not participate in the 2007 All Africa Games in Algeria.

Soccer Speed Drills

There is little skill in football more important than speed. You still have to fast to beat your defender to the goal of the enemy. As a defender, you need fast enough to overcome the other team offense. As a goalkeeper, you have to stop quickly on your toes on the ball of your network. Whatever your position, speed is important in football.

Fortunately, there are many simple exercises that you do in order to keep your body best.

Downhill Sprints - from the mountains is one of the toughest in the sprint. This will help develop coordination speed. The ideal hill you will be fully sprint without so steep that you feel the need to slow you down. Make a minimum of three sprints, pauses on the up or down by the combination of:

Uphill Sprints (cons strength training) - It takes a lot of power in the spring on a hill. Run 10 meters left, so if your slope is more than that. When combined high and low, make sure you have enough rest between sprints. Some of the Series 3 should be more than enough.

Alternative sprint start - Set up two cones or markers 20 meters apart. To increase the intensity of the sprint, a race between the players. The idea is that you do not start standing, but some other aerobic activity / function. They could be five team members push-ups, knee high, a header, you start lying or sitting on their hands. continue from this position, the Rockets player in his sprint to the cone of another, where someone is waiting for the freestyle relay team is.

The Maradona 7 - A Classic Soccer Trick

Diego Armando Maradona invented football trick in the very early 1980s in one of the Argentine Clausura soccer matches at half time.

It combines a series of football-juggling from left to right foot to foot, complete then the left knee on the right knee and left shoulder to right shoulder and finally heading the ball on the entire sequence.

Each party, for services to soccer freestyle at a time and in any type of football as a Futsal:


The most important improvement of your button that you can apply to techniques of football and other things like dribbling, sole, volleyball, etc..


Normally used to control a long ball situation and juggle while moving with the ball


Less useful in a football game, but very useful in freestyle soccer. Plant, juggle or transfer a shoulder to shoulder or head.


Useful in freestyle soccer and in a football game. to master a difficult art that requires maximum concentration on the center of the ball and an excellent balance to avoid dropping the ball.

These skills may seem easy, but improved ball control, coordination and balance that makes you less prone to lose the ball or possession for a significant football match.

For those who are interested in freestyle soccer. Maradona 7 is a good starting point for beginners into the game before you try things more difficult, as in the world.

Competence football has to control value for beginners and professionals, in my view, the most basic skills in the world of soccer.

How To Play Soccer - The Basics

Whether you get a rookie football coach or a parent or a senior football player just beginning to play football, then he is always moving in your best interest to the teaching of football skills, soccer drills and follow football so that your game is first class be.

There should focus on are some basic measures:
Step # 1 - How to Bounce, Bend, and a football-curve

To bend and curve a soccer football techniques are incredible, because it allows you to get the ball to get the defenders and take possession of, the sanctions, which are hidden at the goalkeeper.

It is also useful for corner kicks and crosses into the box.

If you look at the ball, you can either occur within or outside of the foot, the foot and you will go the direction you want the ball.
If your right foot, then bend the ball to the left, that the inside of the foot to make contact with the right side of the ball. You can easily support your foot for a spin kick to get better.

If you want to curve the ball to the right, then you have to touch the outside of your foot, the left side of the ball.
Step # 2 - As a football-pass

By learning to play football, passing the ball while maintaining a game is essential. While every kick that ends with the ball in possession of a teammate, there are techniques suitable for use to transfer efficiently and accurately.

Short passes are the most effectively implemented with the inside of the foot due to the large area available with the aim the ball carefully.

If you are passing along, and the tension is the most effective shot to use. If you need to pass behind the heel is used.

In order to learn how to play soccer, let alone that the transition is connected passers-by and communication between the receiver.