Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

Soccer Officials

Football is a game that is universally appealing to the masses. watch sports fans around the world to love this game and four staff to run professional football. Their dress is usually black or a bright color, which is designed for a collision with jerseys of both teams. Each employee has distinct but important in the game


Firstly, the arbitrator, which concerns only seen a whistle to signal the game, a full-time kick-off include, errors, and mid-term goals. The arbitrator may grant the whistle blow for a Free Kick, if it is a foul. It can even blow the award, if it occurs in the penalty area and thereby committing a penalty, the player they. The initial action plan of the arbitrator is strictly a verbal warning.

However, the referee shows a yellow card to player still noted his name in his book. Each player receives two yellow cards is typically done with his team, not an option, but sent to continue the game with one player less on the ground. In addition, the first referee red card will be used to punish severe penalties.

Second and third among football officials, two linesmen, each positioned on one half on the ground. They were seen patrolling the length margin between the target and the center line, each lineman on which a colored flag to indicate when football is the pitch to kick a player on the corner or the goalkeeper.

The fourth official football is generally placed along the touchline on the ground between two opposing benches. We see follow any interruption that occurs during the football game. Similarly, at the end of each semester, provides information on players, how long can be added. It does so by flashing a row on the shelf.

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