Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

How to Be a Soccer Coach With No Soccer Experience

Are you a coach or thinking about football coaching? I have been asked Coach U6 soccer team, even if I did not have football or coaching experience ... and I survived! I'm here to tell you that a novice in coaching and football coach of a football team successfully, without being disturbed children or parents. In fact, everyone will benefit from the experience and better for her.

When I volunteered to coach soccer for my son, I was initially excited, but panic, like me, is that children and parents to be performed on me! Whenever I feel my head into something, I try to learn as much as I can about the subject. I quickly went to the library and check out some videos and books. My studies helped me enormously, as the game is played, how to frame a structure of practice, and how you deal with parents.

I have many techniques and tips during the season and expressed his gratitude for the resources. Our team is really great! Much of our size, despite my training, but because the grand kids, we have in our team. Let me share a few things I learned this season.

Coaching requires a lot of administrative work to succeed. They must be organized to be successful. They should all our current information in a binder easy access. This workbook must contain all the rules of the league, children's contact and schedule the beginning. Make sure that our memories of games, exercises, snacks and all other administrative send by e-mail. This simple trick will save you much time and aggravation as you keep everyone in the loop.

Coaching is often an incentive for children and education. Encourage your children with positive words goes a long way to build your players. Never insult or sarcasm with your players. Always try to find the good in front of the bathroom and to confirm, before the good suggestions. Remember that all stakeholders at different levels of coordination and skill.

Football at U6 is most often on teaching basic skills for children and play football. At this stage, children will be done to see if they like sports or not. Help each player to play and the season is a success. Do not take the game seriously and you become a great coach, the same fun with your players.

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