Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

How to Control a Soccer Ball

The best way to control a football with the side of the foot. During a game, you can control the ball with any part of your body except the arms from the shoulder down.

The emotional way to control the ball with the side of the foot.

If a ball is kicked to you, your body has to be correct, and if you have time to turn your body slightly away from the ball on the near side of the ball. Do not turn your back, but always with an eye on the ball

With your body at a slight angle, lift the foot on the ground (where you control a ball will roll on the ground - you stand to walk around 2 or 3 inches, adjust the height of your foot to the height knee as the ball from the ground). Predictably, when the ball to you, then when the ball comes on foot, pull back a little to cushion the ball, thereby ensuring that the ball does not bounce away from you.

When you make contact with the ball of the foot, ensuring that your foot firmly enough so that the ball is easy for the body to ensure that you have a space wide enough to take a step, then the ball a second time operated . If the ball is in you or too far, it is difficult to conclude you play your passport. If on the other hand, you want to play a long pass, you can let the ball run slightly ahead of you to give more room to swing along your leg.

Of course, you can use the ball with many other parts of the body from head to control the chest and thighs. You can also control the ball effectively with stress and outside of the foot.

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