Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

Different Positions in Soccer

In football, it can be a bit difficult for you to understand the different positions. In particular, the main types of positions are difficult to control, because it can sometimes depend on the position of other players on the field change. The different positions in combination with many styles of play makes this game fun, which is very popular worldwide.


One position is simple football goalkeeper or goalie. key position of goalkeeper is to defend the objective, which aims to rival teams. In a team there is a goalie on the field, which allows single soccer, touch the ball with his hand. Normally, the goalkeeper is on a T-shirt color for easy identification of the remaining players.

Advocates of a different position in football, defending a target position of the opposing team. In general, at any given time there are two or three defenders on the field, playing alongside his goalie to stop the ball on the net, falling on them. Whenever the enemy is in possession of the ball is forced to each team player, to play a defender. However, generally a defender is a defender of an important role to play in the game.

Then there is the front position in this game played very close to the power of the enemy. This position is to highlight the most important goalscorer and adopted a set of keys.

In addition, there are other positions of football, which play around the midfield area of the middle third, and can play either offensively or defensively. Few other positions in the game install sweeper, winger and caps.

Overall, all the positions to score goals, of course, depending on what the situation. To avoid confusion in the game, so that each position in the upright position or left to be defined.

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